Food Retail Environment Study for Health & Economic Resiliency

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The Food Retail Environment Study for Health and Economic Resiliency (FRESHER) is a pilot study of the effects of COVID-19 on restaurants, fast food outlets, grocery stores, cafes, bars, pubs, and alcohol retail stores in Ontario, across all types of communities.

The study, delivered in partnership with the WOWC, involved surveying employees, managers, and owners to determine how the pandemic has affected individual people, and interviewing business owners to determine the impacts of the pandemic and subsequent government and other organizational support programs and policies.

The evidence gathered from this study is valuable for policymakers to assess the impacts of COVID-19 on the sector, and provide evidence that can be used to create support programs and policies that will aid in the recovery of the industry. We also hope to learn and compile strategies that food business owners have used to keep their businesses open, and share this information as a helpful resource for the entire industry

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