As Western Ontario continues to be the economic driver of the Province, and more investments are being made in our region, we need to ensure that there is the infrastructure to support the growth.

The WOWC requires clear communication from the Province of Ontario on the infrastructure build out in Western Ontario, including clarity from the government on what to expect for utility investments, including hydroelectricity, natural gas, water, and wastewater.

The impact of the required infrastructure upgrades that are borne by municipalities are not offset by the limited funding provided to the municipal sector.

As a result, local property taxpayers living and working in small and rural municipalities are paying a significant portion of the bill for the investments being attracted and created. Much as Ontario is Canada’s economic driver, Western Ontario is the Province’s economic driver.

With that, comes the need for additional housing, workforce, and infrastructure. The region needs assistance from regional champions to advance this message on its behalf.

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