Housing affordability, particularly in rural areas, continues to remain a strong focus within rural Western Ontario. Given the current housing and rental market, it is crucial to focus on increasing the supply of affordable housing, of all forms, so that all residents regardless of income level have a safe place to call home.

The WOWC requires information on how its small and rural upper-tier and single-tier municipalities can access the $1-billion Municipal Housing Infrastructure Program, which is intended to support core infrastructure projects that help enable housing for growing and developing communities, such as roads and water infrastructure.

The WOWC also requires a response on how its municipalities can access the 10 per cent (or $120 million) of the Building Faster Fund that is being set aside for small, rural, and northern municipalities. This fund is intended to help build housing-enabling infrastructure and prioritize projects that speed up the increase of housing supply.

As of April 2024, three of 117 municipalities in rural Western Ontario have received this funding, for a total of $3.34 million, or 2.7% of the total funding, when they represent 26% of the municipalities in the Province.

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