The Broadband Project

The WOWC has recognized that broadly available and affordable robust ultra-speed broadband connectivity is fundamental to the continued relevance and future prosperity of small urban / rural communities in Southwestern Ontario. The WOWC Economic Development Strategic Plan recognizes the significance of broadband connectivity to enabling communities in Southwestern Ontario to compete in the globalized economy.

The SWIFT Network – for more information

Increased funding from both the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada is urgently needed to address our region’s large connectivity gaps, so that we can close the digital divide and restart our economies. The Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus supports the funding of existing shovel ready, municipally led projects that will connect our rural economies at an accelerated pace. We support SWIFT as Southwestern Ontario’s funding mechanism to advance the expansion of critical broadband infrastructure across the region. The model works, it delivers results and can be immediately leveraged to upgrade networks and coverage in our region’s underserved areas.

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