SWIFT Network launches virtual presence, begins community outreach: Follow, like and share the news!

Alliston, Simcoe County, August 12, 2014 – The Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (WOWC) has taken another step forward in bringing ultra-high speed fibre optic broadband connectivity to Southwestern Ontario that is reliable and affordable regardless of population density. The Caucus considered a third-party review by Ryerson Professor Catherine Middleton delivered to the WOWC on July 23rd, and referred the review back to the Steering Committee, which reaffirmed the SWIFT open access model as the best choice for building a fibre optic broadband platform for the future in Southwestern Ontario.

“Our region, which stretches from Hwy #400 to Windsor and Lake Erie to Tobermory, covering land area of 41,286 km2, representing approximately 10% of Canada’s population. The importance of ensuring our 3.5 million people are well served by robust, scalable and affordable broadband infrastructure cannot be over-emphasized,” SWIFT Steering Committee Chair Duncan McKinlay said. “The SWIFT regional fibre optic broadband network is critically important to our region’s future prosperity – and we have committed to investing in it as a top priority.”

SWIFT has launched a new virtual presence, including a new website – swiftnetwork.ca. You can find SWIFT on Twitter at @networkswift and on Facebook as “SWIFT Network.”

SWIFT has also begun working with 30 Community Engagement Coordinators across Southwestern Ontario who has been hired by the Southwest Economic Alliance to complete a benchmarking process as part of SWEA’s Intelligent Region Initiative. The Community Engagement Coordinators will be collecting feedback about Internet service throughout the region through interviews, events and a survey.  To complete the SWIFT survey, please visit http://swiftnetwork.ca/2014/07/22/swift-network-survey/ or to sign up for our newsletter, please link to http://swiftnetwork.ca/

For more information about the SWIFT Ultra High-Speed Fibre Optic Broadband Network, please contact: Duncan McKinlay, SWIFT Steering Committee Chair, at chair@swiftnetwork.ca or Geoff Hogan, SWIFT Project Staff Lead, at geoff.hogan@swiftnetwork.ca or 519-372-0219 x 1284.