Broadband Feasability Study Begins

Campbell Patterson Communications was hired by the WOWC to conduct a broadband feasibility study, the study will include:

Gap Analysis

  • Identify the scope of connectivity, speed and price gaps through the entire geographic area to help address potential opportunities for the future
  • Identify key stakeholders that will benefit from a regional broadband investment and to measure the commitment level to invest and/or subscribe to the system once it is available
  • Understand the deterrents to network investments that have inhibited stakeholders from providing or investing in infrastructure in the WOWC region

Scoping Exercise

  • Engage the telecommunications industry to identify potential private sector collaborators including current private network providers, independent telephone companies and wireless providers
  • Involve municipalities, utilities, schools and health sector agencies to effectively link broadband infrastructure and provincial and federal government priorities and find community ‘champions’ to create a higher level of success
  • Identify existing community networks such as WEDnet, LARGnet and COIN, etc. that can be linked together to strengthen the existing network fabric
  • Determine which technological solution(s) best enable the region to scale up the broadband infrastructure in the future (following the initial investment)
  • Identify key stakeholders and their bandwidth requirements

Options and Costs

  • For delivering a regional broadband project including ideal, better and minimum scenarios for business and residential users
  • Providing options that are scalable to handle the explosion of applications and required bandwidth for growth of users to ‘future proof’ the network for ten years or more
  • Linking economic development with government priorities and Intelligent Community initiatives within the region

Potential Funders and Market Interest

  • Identify potential funding programs available from various levels of government
  • Research potential private sector partners who can be funders for the project
  • Contact organizations that may be engaged as potential anchor tenants
  • Identify current internet service providers’ interest in becoming potential financial contributors

A Roadmap for the Future

  • Tying all the information and research from above together, to create a “roadmap” of next steps that will allow a broadband project to move forward in a logical sequence;
  • Provide estimated costs and resource requirements for the next steps