Economic Development

The Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus (WOWC) has long appreciated the contributions that economic development makes to the sustainability of the region and its constituent municipalities. With that objective in mind, it has worked to garner substantial levels of funding and support that has helped to build a stronger local and regional economy.

The WOWC is now championing a regional Economic Development Strategic Plan for Western Ontario. This work is the result of extensive stakeholder consultation and dialogue, with businesses and representatives of key economic development stakeholders.

The Project

  • Identify opportunities to advance the economy of Southwestern Ontario that also leverages the ongoing efforts of WOWC
  • Improve the underlying conditions for economic development throughout the region
  • Generate a series of actions at the regional level that enables the creation of jobs, wealth and investment across the region

Value in Regional Approach

  • The resources and influence brought to bear on key economic development issues are significantly enhanced
  • A regional view of sectors, markets, infrastructure, labour force reflects the reality of supply chains
  • Effective stakeholder engagement provides a unique opportunity for discussion of local issues and opportunities with larger economic implications
  • Identifies and leverages the efforts of regional economic development partners and organizations
  • Builds on the leadership of WOWC in addressing elements required for economic prosperity

The WOWC delivered the strategy mid-2017. To view the strategy click the link below


For full project background information click here

Regional Workforce Planning Objectives

Objective 1: To strengthen the access and quality of labour market intelligence to address the needs of businesses and create opportunities to bring together businesses, economic developers and educators to strengthen the alignment between business needs and education programming.

Objective 2: To assemble intelligence that will inform municipal business retention and succession planning activities. Included in this objective is the need to advocate for improved programming support.

Objective 3: To improve the region’s access to skilled and talented labour pool that is poised and positioned to respond to changing economic conditions.

Regional Infrastructure Investment Objectives

Objective 1: To advocate and provide for the building of regional transportation infrastructure that improves Southwestern Ontario’s access to major markets and improves the mobility of its workforce through intercommunity travel.

Objective 2: To continue building on SWIFT’s Future State Network as Southwestern Ontario’s ubiquitous service for broadband access.

Objective 3: To recognize the limitations of the assessment base through informed policy and financial strategies.

Regional Sector Strategies Objectives

Objective 1: To provide leadership in the development of sector strategies in the areas of manufacturing, agri-food processing and packaging, energy and digital industries.

Objective 2: To support the growth of export and trade development activities across small and medium sized businesses in Southwestern Ontario.

Regional Marketing and Promotion Objectives

Objective 1: To support the creation and delivery of marketing and promotional objectives for Southwestern Ontario.