Long Term Care

Elderly lady having tea with woman

As our municipalities prepare for a shift toward a rapidly aging population, the WOWC has a strong concern surrounding the capacity to deliver Long Term Care and Seniors’ Services given the current funding gap created, in part, by the Age-In-Place Provincial strategy.

Since introducing the Age- In-Place Strategy, the WOWC region has experienced a significant increase in the acuity of new admissions. WOWC has not witnessed an increase in the funding envelope to address the strain to the system particularly in the areas of staffing surrounding registered and non-registered nursing staff.

WOWC seeks creation of a continuous and stable capital reinvestment model for the entire sector. The WOWC maintains that the funding gap for the delivery of care, and the operational restrictiveness of the Long Term Care Homes Act for all public sector licensees must be addressed and seeks a real solution to the unintended consequences of the Age-In-Place Strategy and flexibility to the staffing requirements outlined in 79/10 regulation.