The WOWC provides a respected and informed view and voice on the important topics of concern for the people and municipalities of Southwestern Ontario. Advocacy, on behalf of this significant portion of the province we represent, is a key pillar of the work of the Caucus. Key areas of interest currently include, but are not limited to the following.

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Economic Development across Southwestern Ontario

Fibre optic cable

Access to High Speed Broadband Networks



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Long Term Care and Seniors

Transport Truck

Transportation Connectivity and Performance

Direct Investment in Childcare

Direct investment in childcare is an investment in our workforce. The WOWC supports the County of Simcoe’s recommendations as presented in their letter to Minister Lecce dated July 29, 2020. Learn more.

Direct Investment in College Satellite Locations

Direct investment in college satellite locations in rural Ontario is an investment in our future. The WOWC supports the recommendations presented by the Institute of Public Policy and Economy in the white paper The Future of Ontario’s Workers Learn more.

Direct Investment in Social Housing

Direct investment in social housing in rural communities is imperative. The WOWC supports the Ontario Municipal Social Services Association’s (OMSSA) position on Housing. Learn more.

Ensuring Ontario’s Food Security

Ensuring Ontario’s food security now and for the future. The WOWC supports any considerations of funding to enhance food production and processing capacity in Ontario. Learn more.

Supporting Activities That Create Strong Rural Communities

Funding to support activities that create strong rural communities in Ontario. The WOWC is requesting additional funding be provided to the Rural Economic Development Program (RED) to be used by municipalities to remove barriers to business and job growth, attract and retain a skilled workforce as well as marketing and promotion of local businesses. Learn more.

Emergency Medical Services and Public Health

Emergency Medical Services and Public Health. The WOWC is requesting active consultation on all future discussions related to Emergency Medical Services and Public Health and supports AMO’s position that, the local and provincial health care challenges exposed by the pandemic should be addressed as part of the next steps in the modernization and restructuring of public health and paramedic services. Learn more.

Long Term Care and Seniors Funding

Long Term Care and Seniors Funding. The WOWC seeks the creation of a continuous and stable operating and capital reinvestment model for the entire sector and supports the Independent Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission. We are dedicated to working with the Province to ensure the safety of our long-term care home residents and staff. Learn more.

High Speed Fibre

High speed fibre. The WOWC is requesting direct funding from the Government of Canada in the amount of $254M and from the Government of Ontario in the amount of $221M to support the expansion of critical broadband infrastructure within the region.

Combined with a $68.4M commitment from the region and a $105M contribution from the private sector (ISPs), we intend to successfully address the $1B Southwestern Ontario infrastructure deficit and achieving the interim goal of providing 50/10 broadband services to 95% of the population within the region by 2025. Learn more.