Message from Chair Jim Ginn


 Message from Chair Jim Ginn

 The Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus would like to thank the efforts of the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world who are on the front line working to contain this coronavirus.

To the front-line staff in our grocery stores and pharmacies, you are our every day heroes.

The Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus’ top priority is for the health and safety of all with a continued focus on economic prosperity for the region.  Our Counties are committed to ensuring that our residents have the most up to date information from public health authorities.  We will also provide updated information on supports to business.

We congratulate our Federal and Provincial partners on taking unprecedented measures to flatten the curve.  With the economic stimulus announcements made we are ensuring the protection of jobs and businesses.

The Western Ontario Warden’s Caucus (WOWC) is a not-for-profit organization representing 15 upper and single tier municipalities in Southwestern Ontario, representing more than 3 million residents. The WOWC aims to enhance the prosperity and overall wellbeing of rural and small urban communities across the region. For more information, visit

Please contact: Chair Jim Ginn (Warden Huron County), T: 519-524-8394 E:

Secretary Meighan Wark, Huron County, T: 519-524-8394 E: